“Slowly we had” – ○384○


Seen the others fallen asleep, and when we had the certainty that everybody were sleeping, we even us, had close the eyes.

Delicately you have wrapped me in your embrace and sweetly I’ve lean my head on your chest and your breath has lulling me.
Sweetly we fallen asleep.
That night our dreams were been influenced by the speeches of our friends.
We did the same dreams, and to the end we meeting ourselves at that crossroad.

That night, in that dream, we had seen the clash of the two worlds, as a real explosion in the universe: Fire, explosions everywhere, and a magical tiny particle that little by little got bigger, making blooming inside what it would be become world.
Several clashes, at end, as in a vision, one of the first kiss we given ourselves, and in background a place that it would become our magical place.
To the opposite side Blue City.

A wonderful place of facade, but inside a lot sadness, and everything surrounding by the halo of the Nothing that it had seeded fear and death, and right after, we have saw The Little One rescued by The Big One, and we had relive for few seconds, the rescue of Bathuè.

A sense of void, has wrapped us, but everything was in that dream. Everything was vanished.
The Little One was happy now, and without him Our Parallel World wouldn’t be special as it was now.
The sense of disorientation of The Markùts the first time they opened their big eyes in this world: they were, the very guardians of our world, and we relived the first time we met them, and their desire to be chased by you.

While the first birds was about to sing their first song, the first of our friends was about to open the eyes: it was The Big One.
He looked at us for a minute, and he was remained there to look everything.
He felt strange. He waited for as long one by one were awoke.
He hadn’t said nothing, but he had know it was happened something: everybody could feel something new.

Slowly, even us, we have opened the eyes and just we had looked at the others: a new bond, a strong one, was linking us with our furry friends.

We looked at each other, and then, without say nothing, we have only nodded, and smile sweetly.
Slowly they got back to wander in the meadow, and the Morgur got back in their village to organize the working day: within few days there would been the next jump in the gap.”



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