Everybody were set on the differents blankets and the general embarassement was fading, slowly around us was fallen an magical atmosphere. More magical than usual. 
The lights that we had put on the branches were creating a floating ambient and we everybody, had noticed it. 
We were looking at eachother. 
luke_scuriIt seemed we everybody were connected one another. For an istant we remained in silence. We were looking around, as if those light had a mysterous power. 
In someway, for the very first time, we, everybody, got connect menthally.
The Markùts were the first to speak. With their soft voice, they had started tell their story, one at once.
We, with the others, remained as enchanted by their words.
‘Since you have met for the first time in that bar, this world was being born. And slowly we us, were born.’ Has said one looking at the other who was nodding and has added ‘We didnt know what do, but when you have kissed Daria in you appartment, the magic was itself about to accomplish. The very first collision between the two worlds has been in that seconds’.
Everybody on that blankets, had felt something that was floating between us and inside of us.
It seemed, everything had no sense, but everything in Our Parallel World had it.
As a magical flow, the story was continued throught the words of Fenkuz and he said us the very first time he had take a look to the Blue City and its inhabitants and of how he had decided to orientate his aspect. The walking man who mutters. For his behaviour it was perfect.
He said ‘When i took a look in the Blue City, i have found a thin line of social discomfort. Everybody there, they looks happy, but it is only appareance. I have decide to dont change not that much. In my growls i just repeat to be happy to enjoy the life. You are the perfect example of how the life should be lived’. 
We had seen Pyr nodding and Kapi was opening his wings in sign of approvation.
After his words, everybody were looking at us and our hearts were beating hard. For a long moment we remained in silence, while we were feeling this magical flow that was running between us and our furry friends. 
We have could also listen to a soft melody was sorrounding us.
Shyly, also the others has tell their stories as a magical union.
We had know the story of Little One and Big One, but we had not know that The Leaner One was the little brother of Big One and together they had buildt the Morgur Village.
And everything this was happening when the two worlds, the real one and the Parallel were crashing one with another, while slowly it was creating the magic gap in which we entered.
To end we were breathless and speechless. We had not believe that evening had become full of meaning. It has been powerful.
That night we had slept everybody on the meadow, on the blankets, in front of the appartment, with those lights that didnt had worked well, but they had created that magical union amongst us and our dearest furry friends.”


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