“What you” – ○382○

Had say to The Little One and Bathuè, it had make them so thrill that they were screaming it.

They went also in the Burn Valley, and they has screamed it, and we had heard their echoes resounding in the whole magic valley in front of the lake.
Our hearts were filling of their happiness

We didn’t know what would be happened that evening, but surely, there would be happened something of fantastic, with all our friends.
While we were thinking about it, we were looked at each other: another last gaze, and we have thought to get back in the apartment to take the box, for put the lights between the branches, now that we were really alone.

The daylight was still up in the sky, and we still hearing the two voices of the two inseparables friends, announcing that evening there would have be something.

At end, we were doing something for them, and see Little One so enthusiastic, was making us happy more than other thing.
While the others, involved in the next jump in the gap, were in the main hut of the Morgur Village, we have settled the decorations in the branches of the big tree, without be noticed.
At end that you had put the last thread of lights, we wanted check if the lights did working, but unfortunately we hadn’t make in time, but we had put out some blankets on the meadow, and big branch where Kapi could lean.

The light of the sun was letting down.
We were sit down on a blanket and we were awaiting for them.
We knew that, by now, they were everybody in the Morgur Village, for the last warnings and last indications on the map, in which alley enter for the comeback and little by little everybody would have left the Big One hut for come to us.

We were holding tight us: our eyes were towards the village of Morgur, and the main hut was still lit, and some smoke still came out from the chimney.
When we have seen the light of the hut turning off, we have understand that the time was almost arrived, and our friends would arrived in within minutes.

Finally, we have could check the lights: some of them were lit, some not, and some of them didn’t know what do.
We shrugged, but when is arrived The Little One, already we had forget that the lights didn’t working well.

He was so happy to see those lights that were illuminating the big tree and he was jumping around us happier than usual.
He has wanted be caressed, while the others were arriving, and more they were approaching, more they were astonished.

Those small lights seemed little stars fallen from the sky, and everybody has been enchanted by them, and they wanted, even, touch them.
They, also, had noticed the soft blankets, and some of them had fear to lay on them: Kapi has appreciated much the big branch.
The Markùts without be noticed, had chose one of softer blanket.

We smiling, we were attending at this scene. Pyr had chose to put himself close to us, while Bathuè with The Little One were still looking the flashing lights .”


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