“We had” – ○381○


Laugh a lot, but after, we had decided to put outside the apartment on the big tree in front, the only decoration we really liked. It was the Christmas lights that you had not put in your apartment when you was moved yourself.

Those big emotions we had felt in the wood: they were still flowing in our bodies, and they were flowing in our minds, and we could thought to going crazy: but we had to shake ourselves in someway, and the only way was to make a run.
We went to the lake: I sat on the opal rock, and I screamed:”‘Run, run also for me…. Run!”
You have kissed me, while our hearts were going crazy.
You have started to run around the lake, taking off your shirt.
I was looking at you running, and despite I could not to run as I would wished, I was feeling free, and I could feel our emotions blooming where you was running.

Our guys were attending to this crazy thing.
Kapi was flying taking control all the situation.
The Little One with Bathuè were approached to me: they looked at me astonished.
“Is he ok?’ The Little One asked, while I was obersving you who was running like a crazy: I have replied: “He’s only happy to be here with all of you, and me too”.
I hadn’t run, but my heart was going crazy, as if I had done it.

We were feeling our emotions flowing, and everything was blooming.
To the end of your run, you have thrown on the meadow in front to me, gasping.
I looked at you, and you knew what was my desire at that moment: you knew it well.

Our beats were at unison, and we were looking at each other, but we had still an audience, so you have said to Bathuè and The Little One: “Please warn the others that there will be a surprise for everyone… go, go”.

While we were looking at them surprised, we were smile, and quickly, they were to say it to everyone, especially to the Big One who was organizing the next jump with The Markùts and Fenkuz.

When we remained alone, delicately, you left me fall on the meadow, and you have put my hand on your chest and sweetly you have give me a soft kiss in which our hearts beats seemed disappearing.”



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