These emotions

Are destroying me. 
My vise on my stomach is swallowing me. I can feel your embrace like a soft punch that slowly is wrapping me and i can feel you are whisper my name and my head is exploding. 
Since is begun this strange thing between you and me, this is the very first time i feel in this way. 
Before, when you have left that comment, my soul and my heart were more light. But now my head has started again to pulse and i feel like in an amniotic liquid, as if in at any moment i could explode. I throw away the air from my lungs. 
Someone can take me as crazy, but these feelings i have make feel so alive, and i know they are arriving from you, through Our Parallel World. 
And the only way to make me feel better is put down that crazy words.
Since is begun all this weird story, what i’m feeling in these hours, is the one of the strongest emotion i’m feeling, and by now they are passed more or less three years and my head is exploding as the first day of our connection. 
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs from two days.


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