“We still

shack60_forteHolding tight ourselves and around us there was an fairytale atmosphere  that it was leaving us without the breath and we had thought if we had make any moves everything it would disappear, as a bunch of sand in hand.
You was took my hips and i had one hand on yours arm and the other on your chest.
Our emotions were flying around us. We werent able to speak. We were overwhelmed by only what we were feeling inside that wood.
Stay in that wood made us feel better. We were more quiet about Bathuè, and now our connection seemed strenghtening itself.
Without speaking, we had have the same idea. We wanted have fun and above we wanted that our guys had fun.
The words of Fenkuz made us reflect. From when we came in this world we had thought only to us. Our emotions were been the towing wagon and all the concetration was on us.
The speech of Fenkuz about the childhood of Bathuè, it had opened us a side of this life that we had really neglected. The fun.
We knew that, after our moving in Our Parallel World, in some drawers of the appartment there were some decorations, that you had used for some parties in the real world.
When we entered hand in hand, in the appartment, we looked at eachother and i said you ‘We owe it to them’, you have nodded and you went to take those decorations and you have putted them in a carton box.
We had one only problem. How we could put the decorations outside the appartment, without be noticed?
The only solution has come itself. During one of the jump in the gap, when the guys would have sleep and none of them would have noticed it. The only thing was, i would have deep sleep when the furry friends would be fallen in their trance for control the others in the Blue City.
While we were organizing all that, you have looked at me deeply and you have took my hands in your and to the end you have said ‘I will do it’, and i have caressed your face till reach your neo. In that glance there was all our love. Then we had laughs aloud looking inside the carton box.
We were diving in our feelings that we didnt have realized that, there were so few decorations that we would could have hang them in a second.
We have shyly smile and to the end we have sigh ‘How much we are fool?’
‘We are in love…’ We have caressed eachother.”


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