You pretend

luke11forteNothing has happened, but we know our connection is here, around us. We can feel it and our hearts are beating strong. My vise on my stomach is strong and my head is pulsing. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and my thoughts are toward you.
The sensations are the same since when our connection is begun. My heart beats strong, my vise in stomach getting stronger and stronger, my head explode, and i cant swallowing, and i can feeling you behind me wrapping me with your sweet embrace from behind and i shake, because i’m able to feel your closeness so close  to me…inside of me that it make me shake all. If i could, i would talk to you and you would able to hear me.
My fingers are shaking and i know, in someways, you can feel the same feeling, there to the opposite side of the world.


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