“We were asking

luke0005forteIf we had done the right thing. We had sent a puppy to the entrance of Our Parallel World to guard if the Nothing followers had wanted try again to enter in our world.
We looking at eachother around, while our other friends were still there.
That one who make himself ahead, has been Fenkuz, who was finding always the words to make feel us better.
While he was looking at the little pathway from where we were enter for the first time, and  from where, now, he was hearing the laughs of Bathuè and The Little One whom chasing one another. He said us ‘You dont must worry about him. He looks a puppy, but inside, he’s already an adult. It will come a day that he will develope the strenght to become a great a warrior in all senses.
He is grateful to you for having rescued him. When and if it will come the time, the strenght of his parents will show itself and he will be become the warrior that he destined to become. In the Blue City has lost his parents. Here he has found the calm.
Here is a peaceful place, and everybody of us, we are grateful to you. Your feelings, your emotions and everything you feel, make this world one of the place most beautiful of whole universe. You have rescued him and now he has found The Little One. They were become immediately friends. The only thing you can do now is to give him the childhood that he has never had.’
We looked at Fenkuz stunned.
Eachtime, his wisdom left us speechless. He had got right.
After his words, we were hearing the laughs of Bathuè with The Little One and our hearts were more light. We smiled eachother.
We had took our hands and slowly we had started to walk without a destination.
The Fenkuz words resounded in our heads and occasionally we stopped ourselves, one in front another and we tightening our hands without say nothing, and our emotions were wrapping us. ‘Is that what he intended?’ we asked ourselves.
We arrived to the entrance of the woods behind the appartament.
After only few seconds, we had realized that after our enchantment inside of it, we were not entered no more there.
We looked at eachother a with a little nod, we were entered.
The lights in the middle of the branches was how we rembembered them. Gold sorrounded by tiny particles of the same colour that were floating surrounding us.
We putted in the middle and we had started to dance a slow dance looking at eachother, following our feelings.”


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 “We still ⇒

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