“Delicately” – ○374○

We were wrapped by a soft invisible veil, and without realized, we fallen asleep.

We got back in the time of many centuries, when two women, after a indescribable disaster had collected a baby girl who cried having the awareness to have lose her parents in a fire that had burnt their house.

Lukelong25_forteThat child girl was me, and those women had grown me up and more the time was passing by, they had understood that I had some powers.
They had, even them some powers: they were witches.

They had taught to me some tricks for don’t show to people our powers, and working freely, acting always for the good of the village.
Due the fire, I had some scars on my skin, and wounds inside me, that they wouldn’t be never healed, and for this, when provoked, I reacting.

Little by little, some sides of my powers came out, and little by little I was put in a corner from some inhabitants of the village.
By now, the women who had grown me, couldn’t do anything about it no more: they had followed the rules that «some people» had to follow, for don’t be judged.
They had always said me this: “Be careful, don’t show what you can do: they will judge you”.
I had followed their advices.
I went ahead with my head down, till that night at the tavern.

The tavern was the one and only place where the inhabitants of the village were meeting at evening after a day of work.
The tavern was hosting from carpenters, at the baker, at the blacksmiths, and the blacksmiths were always those who were looking for troubles.

Johnas, the red hair guy, one of the most robust blacksmith, that evening was particularly drunk.
When he saw me enter in the tavern, he started to tease me aloud.
At beginning I pretended to didn’t notice of him and his cackles, but when he got up, and he came in front at my table, and he has started to scream me: “You’re a cursed witch” I got up, all in a stroke, and I was about to do something, but you arrived putting between me and Johnas: you have defended me.
With a smart persuasion, you have made him came out from the tavern, then you got back to me.

There, in that tavern: in that precise moment, we looked at each other for the very first time.
We shyly smiled each other.”


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