“Slowly you” – ○373○


Have spin me you, and with a sigh, you have said me: “Let’s back in the apartment”‘, and before to enter I threw a glimpse toward the Burn Valley.
“Kapi will warn us if something go wrong”.

You had got right.
Everything was under control, and there was not to worry about.

You was looking at me with your glance in which each time I could lose me.
You was more worry about my recovery of the forces than others things, to me, it was enough, to stay with you, and everything else was ok.
We entered, and we going in your favourite corner, and you made me sit on the couc, and you sat on the little table and sweetly you have took both my hands.

Before talk you have caressed them delicately, and then you have lifted your face, and you have sighed: “As Bathuè told me, you’re special. Every day you give me something in believe in… you don’t know how much I love you”.
Amongst those words, the tone of voice, the way you have said them, there was been something that has unleashed in the apartment something that came from far, and our hearts had started to beat strong.
I was looking at you, and something in the deep of your gaze, there was something that wanted come out.

My emotions were been upset, you have realized that, but you have smiled at me as if, it was everything ok, and going in the kitchen you have asked me if i wanted something: I didn’t wanted nothing, I only wanted just one thing. Your embrace, and to listen to your heart beating.
It was about to happen something.

Our emotions were growing fast.
You didn’t take nothing from the kitchen: you wanted, only looking for to shake yourself from that sensation that we hadn’t feel from long time.
We looked at each other in silence for a second: we threw away the air from the lungs: you have sit down close to me, and magically we got calm us.
We were waiting for something.

We looked at each other for long and after we given ourselves, one of the most passionate kiss ever.
We looked at each other again, and we looked for to understand how our love deep was.”


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