“The magical bubble” – ○372○


Slowly was fading, and we got reappeared to the eyes of the furry animals who were around the lake.
We were looking at each other, as if, in our glances there was all our universe, and in someway, it was like this.

We were feeling one of the greatest emotion ever felt. Our hearts were filling themselves of a kind a new energy that, not even us, were able to define, while the normal life was spinning around us.
The only one who remained to stare us was been Bathuè, who didn’t know what do.
At end he asked us the permission to wander in that big world, and check probable weaknesses.

We had thought to call also The Little One, but Bathuè said us that maybe it was better that the first time he going alone. We knew, he was a warrior and at end we said him ok, but me, I’ve added: “Be careful”.
He approached to me, and he embraced me tight: his little gesture moved me, and he said you: “She’s very special…” You have looked at him for a second, and then you have replied him, looking at me, taking my hand: “I know it, I realizing of that, each day is passing by”, and slowly we have looked at Bathuè was going toward the Burn Valley.

We were still at the lakeshore.
For a bit we remained to stare the little waves that were moving on the water mirror, then we have lifted up the faces to the sky, and it was a bit grey: the gentle breeze was stronger than usual, but it was normal: it was reflecting my mood, but from far, toward the Burn Valley was shining a pale sun.

Without be noticed, you came behind me, and slowly, and delicately, you have wrapped my belly in your embrace, and right after I tightened your arms always more against my body, bowing my neck, leaving it could kiss it.
When I felt your sweet lips on my skin I have closed the eyes, and I whispered: “We remain so”, and your voice has enveloped me more, with a: “Forever, so”.”


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“Slowly you” – ○373○


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