Our connection

save0002_forteI’m smiling from i was woke myself. Your closeness is here and i can feel it stronger than ever. I’m biting my lips, because i feel you here close to me. Your sweet hands are touching me where more i love feel them and you know it.
My vise in the stomach is growing up always more, and my head is exploding and every my thoughts are toward you every minute is passing by.
Slowly i can feel your hands are wrapping me in your delicate embrace.
Our eyes doesnt want break away from one another.
Your little smile make me going crazy and your arms around me are the  only things that i want feel in these endless hours.
Despite our long distance, how is it possible i feel you so close to me?
Are you real my twin flame…. here everything match and i’m going crazy. Everything is magic.
Do you feel the same i’m feeling?? This is my only question.



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