It was from

Luke10_ffondi.JPGSeveral days that i didnt feel this strong vise in my stomach.
If i close my eyes i can see you behind me and you are embracing me. I can feel also your lips on my neck and your sweet words of a inexplicable desire are wrapping my soul and my heart is beating so strong.
Is it our connection? I think it is. You freed yourself from the commitments you had, and now your mind coming to me.
You are next to me and you are wrapping me with your sweet e delicate embrace. I feel it, despite our real distance.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard because i feel your heart beating with mine at unison and in our parallel world is like an echo and it resound in our heads and our thoughts are calling us.
They seems that screaming our names in our whispers.
I feel you and i know, you can feel me, here, right now.

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