“In that valley

annotazione-2020-07-29-041923We have could hear the slow sound of the lake situated behind and everything seemed floating, but now, there, the only important thing were us.
There, was our ancenstral point where our emotions bonded with the old feelings of our past lives and after of this last Bathuè story, we had the need to feel our old bond, born centuries ago.
We remained there, long time.
Silently, we were looking at eachother and everything around seemed blooming thank our sensations we were feeling.
After going in the Blue City, after having know everything about the parents of Bathuè, died because The Nothing, in someway, we wanted stay there for reflect about what he had told us. In someways we had defeated it, but we had caused other death in an other place without we realizing of that.
How was true the quote «the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause an earthquake» and the flapping of the wings of that butterfly, were us. But now, we couldn’t do anything anymore.
And in that valley, was being born again, our awareness of how it could be great, a little gesture, as a glance and of how it could unleash such as such great emotions.
You was staring me, shyly smiling me and my heart was beating strong but always at unison with your.
We were feeling the same feelings.
That valley was more magic that other place of Our Parallel World. It was where everything was born.
We were looking at eachother. Our breathes got faster and faster. We were wrapped by something bigger than us. Past, present and future were there, well merged together and we in the middle. Our emotions were about explode if none of us would does something, but we knew also if we would have does something in that valley, our balance it would be upset.
Our biggest desire in that moment was only touch our lips. We wanted given ourselves a simply kiss.
The only thing we have could do was approach, until our foreheads touched and in a little whisper, with your sweet and deep voice, you have said me ‘I want you…’
Delicately you have took  me in your arms and leaving that valley, i didnt take off my gaze from you. Sweetly our faces touched and slowly we started to touch our lips.
We had exceeded the lake and our magical bubble was rising up and immediately after we disappeared inside. Next to the lakeshore, next the opal rock, you have lean me on the meadow, and you above me, you have give me thounsands and thousands of kisses, as if your life depends of that and i needed of that kisses and i left you do.
We given ourselves only kisses and we looked at eachother.
This our spamodic desire just to kiss us, was the only way for make run away all sad thoughts we had in our heads about The Nothing in the Blue City.”


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“The magical bubble ⇒

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