“We sighed

luke30moltiiplicaforteWhile Bathuè was looking at us. When he told us his story we had feel a mix of feeling. Sadness, happiness but above all a great awareness of what he would be became. A great warrior. He explained us that his parents had faced up this speech with him many times.
‘They said me always
«It will arrives a moment, a war, that we we will lost, we will die fighting, but you must rembember this, more you will grow up, more our warrior descent will grow up with you, inside of you and you will have your opportunity to fight against the evil. You will defend every people who will ask you your help».’
At these words all of us, our guys included, remained speechless.
I have needed to hold your hand tight, but you did one thing better.
You have wrapped me in your embrace. Yes, it was much better. Bathuè words had moved me much and your embrace assured me.
Bathuè looked at us, and as if he wanted asked us something, he approached himself toward us and he said us ‘You have rescued me….’ You have replied him without left him finish his speech ‘You have directed us the exit of the grey twirl…’ And for magic we had tight that link with Bathuè.
It seemed it was a necessary ritual for Bathuè, also if we have took him out of the Blue City, trought the jump in the gap.
You had understood it. Me, with the others remained stun about this silent deal.
My heart jumped in throat and all this situation, in someways, was surreal.
It seemed that we were inside in bubble and that bubble exploded in the precise moment when Bathuè had looked at me, then he looked at you.
The other guys had attended at this silently.
When this atmosphere faded, and the invisible bubble in which we were, was disappearing, you have looked at me and you came to me and you have took my hands. You have helped me to stand up, and without say nothing, we had started to walk.
You have brought me in the big valley, where we could stay in peace.
For you, this ritual with Bathuè has been powerful and charged of a inexplicable meaning.
But now, you wanted stay with me in that valley where it is began everything and embrace me and in someways, start again from our tenderness.
You have lay me on the meadow and you lay yourself by my side.
We remained in silence, but our emotions were all around us.
When we were looking at us we remained breathless, and we could feel all these emotions coming and going inside of us. It seemed that a kind of energy wrapped us.
Slowly, up in the sky was being born a rainbow, and delicately you have kissed me.”



“In that valley ⇒


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