“You was looking

luke000044forteAt me still wonder of what you was looking at. What you was feeling, it was arounding the appartment, and that gaze, by now, i knew it. and each time you was looking at in this way, i knew, it was for a special reason. And now the reason was a kiss that you wanted give me. You approached yourself to me and slowly you given it to me. And at the end you have whispered ‘Without you, i would not did such great experiences as those i did’
I looked at you in the same way and i replied you with a sigh and i caressed your face.
‘…if i wasnt fallen that night’ i added and without complete the phrase you have said me ‘Daria, i love you much.’
We were again entered in our dimension of wrapping sensations, when from outside, we had hear the shrill laugh of the Little One and the voice of Bathuè. Seemed they were chasing eachother.
From the bed we went to the window, we had saw them play, and The Little One in that istants had lifted his colourful face and he saw us and he greeted us.
You came behind me taking my belly. I would wanted stay in this way forever, but you have said me ‘It’s better we go down’ and, always amongst your arms i spinned myself and our eyes met and our foreheads touched one another.
We were still wrapped in that atmosphere that had wrapped us since when we returned in Our Parallel World, but in someway we have had to shake us.  And sweetly you have took my hand till the stairs and then you have took me in your arms and then we went down and we had opened the door and who we had found  in the meadow were Bathuè and Little One. We had immediately understood that they were became good friends and we were happy for that.
Now that we were came out all our guys were reuniting around us and as always we have done, we had started to speak, but this time we had asked to Bathuè to begin to tell his own story and we had said him ‘Start when you want’.
In silence we had holded tight our hands. We knew the story that Bob told us, but we didnt knew from which point he did knew it, so when he has began we had throwed away the air from the lungs and we had start to hear his story.”



⇐“You had still


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