“You had still


Your shirt on your shoulders while i fallen asleep in your arms and your perfume wrapping me. I had closed the eyes while i slided my hand in to the shirt and i’ve caressed your bare chest.
Your sweet voice was telling me to recover all my strenghts and also you, little by little, fallen asleep.
The moon was high up in the sky and the light of the stars was creating a pale and soft light that was entering in the bedroom and it was wrapping us.
We were in Our Parallel World and everything it was so calm.
We had enough sleep that day.
The sun was already, rising up to the blue sky, when we had opened the eyes.
We remained in our bedroom till midday. The only thing we really needed was to feel our breathes that lulling us. We had would like stay in this way till evening, but it wasnt possiblle, even if we were hearing Bathuè had already made friendship with all our guys and he was telling all his story and even us, were curious to hearing the whole one, not only which that Bob had told us in the diner of the Blue City.
But now we have could take all the time we have needed. And everything we had needed was to stay in our bed. Me, who playing with your shirt and caressed your chest and you who left me do it, sighing my name and our flows that were spreading their lights in whole our world, and slowly we were tooking again our own spaces, with our glances, little moments that they had no end, our hands on our bodies but above all our menthal connection.
We had decided to remain in the bedroom all day. You went downstair just for prepare something.
When you returned with the tray with the breakfast, you have said, taking a gaze to the window that overlooked the big panorama in which it could see the big tree, the entrance of the Morgur Village, the Lake, and the little bridge and over the bridge the shack, ‘Our guys will understand if today we will not come out…’ when you leaned the tray on the bed, i have started to blush and i’ve didnt stop to looking at you, and you have did the same, touching delicately my face and i took your hand placing it on my chest. My heart was beating fast.
We had found again our intimacy.”


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