“You got up

luke4446scuriYourself and delicately you have took my hand and you helped me to stand me up.
You have cleaned my white dress kindly and slowly we have opened the great door of the shack and outside it was got dark but it was enough clear to see our guys who were still sleeping, but of one the Markùts slowly has opening his eyes and consequently also the others were awakening.
After our jump, also Morgur were settled on the meadow in front of our appartment.
All of our guys were ready to intervene if the things would went wrong.
They knew, already, of arrive of Bathuè and the tree in front of the appartment was enough big to host another new memberof Our Parallel World.
When we were arrived on the meadow in front of the appartament, everybody were curious to know each particular that they have missed.
But for now, we were so tired, and the only one who had understood that we wanted only rest, was Fenkuz. We had caressed The Little One with the promise that in the next hours, we would have say them everything.
In meanwhile, Bathuè was already, telling them how we had rescued him, while Pyr was showing him where he would have sleep. Next to him.
Our hearts were beating strong and more we were looking at around us, more we were understing that what we had created till now, it was  what which we had really needed and more we looking at our guys we felt ourselves thankful for have them as our friends.
Slowly you’ve putted yourself behind me and you have tight my belly. For a seconds i’ve holded back my breathe.
Our guys were so happy that we returned safe in our world. But now it was time to rest, but they wanted still stay with us. Therefore, Fenkuz kept the situation in his paws, and he told to everybody ‘Tomorrow they will say us eveything we didnt see.  Daria is tired. The moon is growing up in the sky. We must leave them rest. Tomorrow we will know everything’ Saying this, he looked at Bathuè tenderly.
Opening the grey door of the appartement, you have let me in, but together we spinned our face and we looked at our guys for a last time that day. The Little One approached himself to us, a for last time, before to close the door, we had caressed him, and his fur has became more soft and more bright.
When we had close the door, everything it looked more wonderful than we had left it.
Slowly we placed in the middle of the open space. We have didnt say nothing. We were one in front another. Our breathes were mixing eachother, always faster.
My hand touched your face in a caress and our eyes seemed two calamites that didnt wanted break away one from another.
Your hands were on my hips, but right after you have take me in your arms and we went upstairs.
Without take off your glance from mine, you have lay me on the bed and you placed yourself next to me.
You have started to caress me from my face at the belly, from the belly to the hips till to reach my legs.
Me, i was touching your chest, playing with your shirt that slowly,  little by little it was unbottoning and it showing your bare shoulders.
Our flows slowly and sweetly were melting one in another and at the end our souls has became one only. Our kisses were of which we really needed and feeling one inside of the other it made us felt more alive than ever and our moanings were that one we wanted hear above all in that moment.
An istant before we had reached the maximum of the pleasure, our souls had spreaded one of the most beautiful light and it had deleted that greyness we still were feeling inside, and in the seconds later the bedroom has been illuminated by that light it was spreading in whole Our Parallel World.
We looked at eachother for a bit, waiting for the contractions had end, and in those seconds our magical universe it was born again.
We were looking at eachother always more in love.”


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