“You was looking at” – ○364○


Me, and our hearts were going crazy if none of us would have spoken immediately.
“Now it’s a our responsibility take care of Bathuè” you said, and I’ve nodded looking at the little creature, and Bathuè was looking at us at his turn with his big black eyes.
From far, behind the counter Bob was looking at us, looking for make himself not notice.
In few instants, we were taking decisions very important, while Bathuè was looking at us without do nothing: he just was staring us.
Leaving him there, without nobody who would have take care of him, it would have been no sense.
More we became conscious of this, more inside us was growing a question: the little Bathuè would been able to exceed the gap between the two worlds?
We have looked at him with this question in our head, and our hearts were beating faster. We looking at each other, and that gaze we were saying everything.

Slowly we have called Bob again, and he got back to us.
We wanted pay the lunch, but he has denied it to us.
“For what you have done, the lunch is free”. He smiled and has caressed Bathuè.
We thanked him, and we came out.

I had still my heart in the throat and I couldn’t speak. Many emotions were wrapping me. I had just smiled at Bob and i have took the white little paws of Bathuè in one of my hands, in the other was holding your.

Finally we were walking along the main tree-lined avenue.
It was like we have seen it trough the crooked mirror in our shack.
The buildings in row, and the main colour of them was merging with the sky.
We had lifted the eyes up to the sky, and everything was exactly how we had imagined it.
We sighed several time.
For a moment we had forgot Bathuè, but the great smiles of the others inhabitants towards us it were made us got back to the reality. We were, always, the two people who had brought him back.

Walking along the sidewalk we had noticed one of the alley that was marked on the map to get back to the Parallel World.
We looked at each other. Each of us, in own pocket, had its little stick.
We wanted get back to salute Bob and thank him again, but with great surprise Bathuè has spoken and with a mature voice had said us: “Let’s go!”
We knew he got right.

Our guys had waited for us from long time, and they had must to be awaken up from their trance state.
You have found another bench along the sidewalk.
For a bit we settled there, and you have checked the map minutely that Big One had give us: you have nodded, and said us that the alley we had exceeded was that one in which we had must enter.

I was looking at Bathuè with only a question in my head.
“Did he know from we came from?”
He looked at me, and he smiled at me sweetly.”


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