“The owner

luke0044_sommaLeft us to finish to eat with calm, while he was serving other clients, and after eat something we were looking at the little creature who still eating, and each mouthful he was swallowing, he was smiling at us thankful. We had caressed him sweetly.
By now the idea we putted in our heads, it had becoming real always more, from the murmuring we were hearing eachtime new clients entered in the diner and they looking at the table where we were. The news of someone who was comeback from the grey zone was a great news, above all if it regarding about the little.
Now out from the window of the diner were assembled a lot of people who were watching at us, but above all the little puppy who smiling at everybody.
We were looking at all these people but we were also dazed.
You have took my hand and you have throwed away the air from the lungs before speak.
‘Sir… what’s going on? Why these people reunited to watch us?’
The owner of the diner has returned to us, looking for to disperse the people who were still looking at inside. ‘You can call me Bob’ he said us at the end and he sat himself at our table, looking the little creature who seemed didnt care about him, instead he was looking at us with his big black eyes.
Bob started to tell us a story about last warriors called Bathuè, who were been abled to circumscribe that big force in a zone of the city and that in undetermined time, it would destroyed itself.
The Bathuè were simply two creatures who looks like the little puppy. A white furry creatures with the color of the face brown and the hands much wrinkly and the big black eyes.
‘When the little Bathuè’- and here, we had looked the little creature – ‘has run toward his parents we had knew that he would not have made it, until today, that’s why so much amazement. We didnt believe to see again the little Bathuè. But now, he has comeback, we should think who amongst us will take care of him.’
Without thinking about it, we looked at eachother and at the same moment we had say ‘We could take care of him…’ Bob seemed stunned about our immediate reply, and the little Bathuè, seemed understand the moment and he had took our hands, and without add others words, Bob smiled us and slowly got up himself, taking the dishes away.
We looked at eachother throwing away again the air from the lungs, looking at Bathuè who even him was looking at us.
We knew taking  a big responsabillity, but now how we could divide us from the little Bathuè.
Throwing us back in the chair, we had took a look at Bob who was walking trought the tables, taking orders and smiling at the other clients.
Even Bob was a mixed human being. His foots were without shoes cause his foots were webbed with a little fur.
Slowly we looked at eachother, and the love we had one for another was growing so fast, that we could feel our hearts beating strong, and at the same moment we had looked at Bathuè, from my eyes was fallen a single teardrop and you have tighted my hand, whispering me ‘It’s normal…’
Then Bathuè repeated your words. For the first time we had heard his voice. It had something of sweet but at the same time something of mature.
We remained stunned but we had smiled to him.”



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