“It seemed

read90_scuriWe were comes out from a bad adventure and we were rested ourselves while we were introducing new oxygen in our lungs. In someways it was so.
We were on that bench while we were looking at everything around us in silence, while the inhabitants, half human being and half strange creatures, were looking at us, as if we were the strangers, but their gazes weren’t malignant, on the contrary. Each glance we have met, were big greetings and big smiles, as if in the Blue City, everybody knew eachother. This thing got calm us much.
But everybody who passing next to the bench where we were settled, seemed murmuring if, they were with someone.
Just only after, we had understood what they were looking at. Our skin color. We had realized that it was still grey and slowly it was returning normal.
Having passed several hours in that dead zone of the city, we had in someways, absorbed in our skin, that greyness, but now we were tired to pay attention to all of this, but our only thought was search for some diner for eat something and give something to the white little creature, who was always in the middle of us, who smiling at everybody. Our glances met, our hearts were beating hard. Behind the little puppy, we holded tight our hands.
At the end we were about take courage to get up ourselves, when an inhabitant appproched himself to us, and without not even presented himself, had said us ‘You will be hungry… come with me’, and without add nothing else, we followed him, taking in my arms the white furry creature.
He brought us in a diner. He seemed the owner. He was so gentle and he gave us to eat, expecially for the puppy.
Later he explained us with calm but even with much emphasis that zone from where we were arrived, it was a untouchable zone. ‘There, The Nothing it’s the master…’ he had said us, and in his head was spinning one only question, and we knew which kind of question was, but for now we didnt know how reply him, when he would have made it. We were looking at us a little disoriented.
After we were assured ourselves that the little creature eating, we holded tight the hands and our eyes didnt wanted break away one from another.
In the diner was entering people, while we were at our table and we were looking outside, the city.
We were tasting a moment of real menthal connection. We were in silence but in that silence, we were saying everything and then we said us in a sigh ‘ I love you much’ and the little white creature has smiled us sweetly, as if he had understood the meaning of that phrase. We looked at him then we looked at eachother and we sighed again.”


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“The owner ⇒

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