“You was looking” – ○361○


At me, I had still in my arms the sleeping creature, and you was looking for a way for go away from that zone: I helped you just with the gaze, but it seemed lead to nowhere.

You was stand in front of me, while I was sat on the bench: occasionally the little white creature was lamenting.
We have thought it was cause all that stress he had faced up to all alone.
Sweetly, you kneeled yourself, and you has began to caressing him whispering gentle, and calming words.
I staring you, with the heart in throat.
You was so sweet, and tender: I had in front the same guy who had helped me to got up in the bar, but now I was looking at you in a different way, those gestures has left me without the breath, as if I was looking at you for the first time, without realize my love was growing up always more.

When you was caressing him, he unconsciously, has taken your finger, and there we were looked at each other, while our hearts splashing away from our chest.

A moment later, the big black eyes of the puppy were going open, and immediately he had realized that he was in safe hands, and he has wanted embrace us again, in sign of thankful.
Then he wrinkled his eyes: he threw a gaze where we were then he had indicated a street with his little brown, and wrinkled hand, and with a sweet sound, he seemed saying to go there: it seemed, he knew the street for exit from that area, and finally enter in the coloured Blue City.

First we have reassured the puppy that we had understood what he was trying to say us, and slowly you have gave me a hand to stand me up, and slowly we were directed toward a little alley that skirted a big wall made by red bricks: immediately, we had thought at our apartment and immediately after to our guys, who were attending to the whole scene trough the little mirrors.

The little creature, who still hadn’t spoken, issued the sweet sounds, that were indicating to go till the end of that alley, but what which we had seen it was a big wall in front of us, and no way for exit.

It seemed he had wrong, but after a minute or so, the alley seeming stretching itself, and slowly the entrance in the Blue City seemed a miracle.
Our hearts were pumping fast the blood in our veins, and it seemed that we were going crazy at the same moment, and what which we were seeing made us threw away the air from the lungs.

The colour blue was the principal one.
We had lifted our faces, and the sky was of one the most blue intense that we had ever seen.
Our heart were beating strong, and our souls were merging each other at each steps we were making inside the city.

Our hands tightened, while the little creature was looking at the familiar environment.
What which we didn’t had still noticed were the inhabitants, as much as we were astonished by what we were looking at.

The inhabitants of the Blue City were a mix of human beings, and strange creatures: but even the human beings had even them something strange.
They were a mix with these strange creatures.
We settled ourselves on a bench, and your embrace was wrapping tight my belly.
While the little creature was in the middle of us, and this were making us feel almost homogeneous with all the whole ambient.

We were breathing, but our hearts and souls were exploding.”



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