2410forteThe little creature was holding itself at me, you was looking at me and while i looking ahead paying attetion where i’m putting my foots, have could hear your sigh, and my heart has started to beat strong.
Your eyes were set on me, but i could not see them, but i could the sensations that was starting to wrapping us. We were about to reaching the street above the bridge, and the little white furry creature was about to calm. When we walked still on the concreted bed of the river, he was still shaking. Looking at his big black eyes that were continuing to stare at us, we had supposed that he or she was escape from the Nothing and he or she had found an hiding place just right where we had found him/her.
We had also thought that he/she hadnt eat from long time. We were looking for something like a diner or a pub in that zone, but what we had found until now, were only big buildings, but nothing where we could got something to eat.
Suddenly he/she shyly smiled at us, then was fallen asleep in my arms.
You have found a bench along a surreal street. You have helped me to sat down, without awake the little creature.
Where we were, seemed a circle zone without any exit and everything seemed slowly spin.
There were abbandonded cars and the gates of some building were open, but, for sure we didnt wanted to enter there. We really hoped to find soon a escape way from that grey zone, and now we had that little creature, who was sleeping for the first time from days in the arms of who had rescued him/her.
We didnt know how call him/her, so i wanted understand of which sex was.
Delicately i checked, but with surprise the puppy had not sex.
From the facial alignements, i have supposed that it was a male, and even you have thought the same.
We remained on the bench, searching a way to enter in the real Blue City, even because, we were able to see the bordeline of this zone and beyond, we could see the blue sky and the colors that we had seen trought the crooked mirror in the shack.”


⇐“We rested ourselves

“You was looking ⇒


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