Here you

21-07-202-1Are, from yesterday occassionally you arrive behind me and you are embrace me strong.
Behind that sunglasses i can see your eyes and i can perceive your thoughts, are some are toward me.
Even now your hands are sweetly touching my belly and you are whispering me sweet words that only ours souls can hear.
I’m biting my lips and i feel your closeness in a strong way never felt before.
In someways i know, you’re thinking a bit of me.
Our minds are get connect faster and our heads are spinning.
Now your hands are so gentle on my belly and in someways, if i turn myself, you are here, and you’re watching me… You would like to approach yourself to me and kiss me.
You can do it. I close the eyes and that is the moment.
Kiss me as you do. Passionately but at the same time delicately.



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