By now i should

luke02catturaforteUsed to everything this, but each time, you leave me the breathe and my head starting to going crazy and my vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger, my only way to externate everything is to pull out is not hold back the tears, and  the only thing i can think Our Parallel World. And now that i looking at your eyes i  think you are feeling the same.
You’re still embracing me from behind, and i feeling it. I cant swallow, my heart is in my throat, and everything i would like to do is looking at in your eyes, staying in silence, leaving the emotions wrapping us.
We are so far but in someways as much close that we could touch eachother, delicately.
This enormous emotions is overwhelming me from long time, and you know it well, because you feeling the same.
From that dream was born our strong connection and it doesnt stop and i would like it doesnt stop ever. It makes feel alive. You make me feel alive.


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