“We rested” – ○359○


A little but we have always hearing to the new noises that surrounding us.
You have always embraced me, as if you wanted to protect me.

Some birds were flying above that zone and sang: but it was a sad sing, and the sky above us hadn’t changed colour, and the dripping gutters by now it seemed underline our heart beat that it was always, however at unison.

We looked at each other: your eyes wanted say me something, I was approached myself to you, and sweetly I kissed you without add anything else, and you have understand that it wasn’t at all your fault.
Despite where we were, we were in Blue City.

We had knew what we had read on the sheet of the newspaper.
Some zones of the city would been isolated cause The Nothing, and unfortunately we were fall in the middle.

After my delicate kiss, from which we didn’t wanted break away, you have said: “Let’s try to come out from here”, and you got up, and then you have took my hand, and I lifted.
Slowly we have crossed the concreted bed of the river, and we had left the roof the it was protecting us, but the echo of the dripping gutters has accompanied us for all the time.

That zone seemed isolated from long, and it seemed slowly to die.
The only thing alive, was the gentle breeze that was playing with another sheet of the same newspapers that the Markùts had showed us in the hut of the Morgur with the same big warning.
That zone would be isolated and the inhabitants moved in others ones, but it seemed that the inhabitants had already left that zone from long time.

The greyness had wrapped even our faces, but not our souls and hearts.
We knew, as long we were there, everything around us, it would become or it was already of that colour.

We were crossing all the concreted path of the river, and we were about to came out from there throught a rusty gate to reach the street, when I stopped, and I have asked you if you had heard something.
“No”, it was your answer, but after one second later, you have say “Yes!”, almost astonished to hear that recall.
It came from a little hole to end of the concreted bed of the river, next the rusty gate.

It seemed a cry of a puppy. We went there.
I was kneeled, and I have put my head inside and two big black eyes were staring at me. It was shaking. But in its eyes i have could see the his help demand.
I have stretched my arm toward this creature, of which for now I could seen only the eyes, whispering sweet words, hoping he could understand that I didn’t wanted go hurt him.

Slowly I have felt his little paws holds my hand very tight, and delicately I have pull him out.
When I have had in my arms, we have seen a little creature covered with white fur, and with brown face and his big eyes were still staring at me, then it’s has started to look at you.

We looked at each other for a second and our hearts has started to beat stronger than ever.
The creature was still shaking, and was holding tight to the arm of who had rescued him, and his big eyes continuing to looking at us.

While we were coming out from the place of our jump, with this creature, we were asking ourselves one only question.

“Was Blue City a real place only peopled by humans being?


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