“Slowly – our jump

melbournegreyWe got up ourselves and we returned in the appartment. I went to the sofa and i remained there with my thoughts, while you have brought some dishes in the kitchen, then you settled yourself close to me. You have embraced me and for long we have didnt say nothing.
We have only stared the three little sticks on the little table.
Our hearts were about to explode at any time. In our heads it was forming itself something like the void, and around us everything was floating.  Our desire was that to run away, but in someways, we were enchained from inside.  We knew, that we were feeling the same sensation. We were looking at eachother. Delicately you have took my hands, and this time you been to say me ‘ We must to take a deep breathe’, and together we had throwed out the air from the lungs.
By now, we had learnt to calm eachother, during these twirls of new emotions from which we hadnt know how to come out, when our hearts were at their limits and our souls wanted came out from our bodies at any cost and our heads were exploding.
We had know that were the little sticks. They had have waited for long. They have broke and their energy was wrapping us. We had knew well.
Despite we had took that breathe, our heads were still spinning.
ou have looked at me profoundly, and with your deep, sweet voice, you have said me ‘It’s time…’ and without further explanations, you have took the big stick and your little one and then you looked at me then my stick that i took it.
Slowly, you have helped to got me up and  we went in front of the grey door, and without indulges, you have opened it and in front of the appartment we had found Fenkuz, who knew the moment it would arrived soon.
He was stood in front on the door all this time, without say and do nothing. He was just awaiting for us. Far there were all others.
In silence Fenkuz accompanied us in the shack and, inside, he left us and, hand in hand we came in front of the crooked mirror.
In Our Parallel World was fallen a strange atmosphere, between the real and the surreal and we were about to fall in the surreal one, we have supposed.
In front of the crooked mirror we did not see ourselves reflect, but we could see the shadows of the inhabitants of the Blue City walking and far we could hear the noises of the city and some perfumes mixed eachother.
For a second we looked at eachother, and right after you have holded tight my hand and you have left fall the big stick on the floor and a second later we were sucked inside the crooked mirror.
We were been arounded by a twirl of thousand and thousands of colors and the speed of the push was so immense that almost we were overwhelm by our hearts that seemed be launched out from our bodies. We could looking at eachother and it was the only thing that assuring us.
The jump seemed had no end. You holded me tight, from my hands at my little body, and you was my anchor.
Suddenly the push it slowed itself, and it seemed we were about to fall in a black hole.
In reality was only the entrance in the Blue City.
But where we fallen, they weren’t the usual alleys in which our guys were landed.
We were found ourselves in a zone of the city that we didnt have recognise in the map.
We were under a bridge where one time there was a river, we had figured.
It was grey the surrounding ambient and it seemed isolate.
We could hear just the noise of some dripping gutters.
We came out from under the bridge.
The sky was grey and it was contribuiting to create around us, that atmosphere from which we wanted escape.
But it seemed we couldnt go away from that grey zone. And the noise of the dripping gutters were resounding in whole deserted zone.
We knew that we couldnt return from where we were arrived, but  from another alley marked on the map.
But until we had know how to escape from that grey zone, we had decided to go again under the bridge to think what we could do.
We were also exhausted. So we leaned against the wall. You have embraced me tight and you have said me ‘We must to rest a bit… then i will looking for a way to come out from here….’
The sound of the dripping gutters was resounding still in the isolate zone.”


⇐“When we have open

“We rested ourselves ⇒

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