And this i can


Not call it coincidence or whatever you want to call it. My heart still beating like a hammer, and here i can’t hold back the tears.
My heart has started to beat hard and my head was about explode and the sensual sensation was wrapping me while i was watching “24” (not a sensual show, on contrary).
And you was behind me, so slowly and delicatly embraced me after 5 minutes.
You have tweeted and you have left this one, on instagram.
My hands are still shaking on this keyboard, and some tears are still rolling on my face.
Each time happens it’s like a soft punch in my stomach, and after You



21-07-202-1And we are very far one from another, but happens everytime so….
You are revolutioning my life…. but this maybe you know it already…
I dont know really what is happening between our souls but in someways more time is passing by there is something outside there, it want us close one another…
This overwhelm me… and it make feel ALIVE…
I love you much.


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