“When we have open” – ○357○


The eyes we knew what it would be happens. We looked at eachother, we had take a deep breathe and we got up, as if that day was like others in Our Parallel World.
We wanted to act normally, and as much we could, we have done it.

Outside of the apartment we could hear the shrill voice of the Little One who was describing everything he had seen in Blue City, and his excitement was bigger than when he got preparing himself.
We went downstairs, and we came out.

You have took something to eat, and we were settled outside on a big blanket on the meadow.
The Little One was still telling to the others what he had saw, with the Leaner One next to him, who occasionally, added some particulars, or he nodding only.
Even the first return from the jump it has been like this: everybody around The Little One who was describing everything with a great joy. “…Kapi has been always above us and none of the inhabitants noticed him….and when it was the time to enter in the shop….it’s been one of the moment I loved more” added him, looking at The Leaner One, who added: “He has been good to act his part. At a certain point one of inhabitant of Blue City he had offered himself to take a look at him, while I was entered in the shop to take what it was necessary here. And when I got back he ran to me, assuring I was ok.. in tears… We have an good actor here!”

We had attended the whole description, on our blanket having our fingers crossed one in another, shyly smiling, thinking at our jump that it would been, from there to few hours, while the blood in ours veins was pumping hard.

We looked at each other for long: our thoughts ran fast thought our minds, like two trains that were crashing one another, and for Fenkuz it was enough few seconds to understand what we were feeling in those instants. He would have wanted to come to us, but he knew that it wasn’t necessary.
On the contrary who has came to us, was The Little One who have put himself between us, and he wanted our caresses, but this time we called even The Leaner One, the most shy of the Morgur, who has smile to us, and he gave us the last important advice: “Keep your tight your hands in the jump…”
We looked at each other, and then we thanked him much.

Then one by one they have left us.
We remained on the blanket to stare the landscape in front of us in silence.”

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