“That morning” – ○356○


That morning We wanted it was a normal morning, but instead we knew that night the Morgur would have done the last jump in the gap between the two worlds and the next one would been our.

We went downstairs, and without thinking about it, we were came out from the apartment, and we had breakfast with Fenkuz, The Markùts, and Pyr.

The Morgur, with Kapi, were in their own huts to study the last details. We looked at each other and without say nothing, we had thought about The Little One at the same time.
We had sighed: “Who know how much he is excited”, and we had thought immediately to the Kapi words, and our hearts started to beat hard.

Thinking that the Little One had lost his parents because of the Nothing, it was a thing that we didn’t still could imagine, and maybe, in someway, we wanted to remedy, but how?
We still didn’t know, and perhaps, we didn’t have any remedy.
However it wasn’t the moment to think about it.

Now our minds, and souls were projecting in that shack in front of the crooked mirror with our little sticks in our hands, and what would be happens.
We had to think to just our jump.

And it was what we had in our heads, while we were in company of our guys who looking at us, but they knew that we weren’t there mentally, we were thinking to all the tiny things we would do earlier to make the jump.
Fenkuz spoken: “You should don’t think about it…. for you the jump will be a simple thing…” .

We have took a deep breath and we had threw away the air from the lungs, looking at everybody who was smiling us, but you have whispered, looking at me: “We think, it would more assuring, for us, summarize that little steps…”
Fenkuz nodded, and he said us to take the three little sticks.
You was about to go to take the sticks, but Fenkuz said me to go to take MY stick.

Later he explained us one thing that he was about to forget to say us, before to make the jump. The stick was broke in two parts and each broke part belonged to whom it had broke in hand, and to nobody else. Once again, we had threw away the air from the lungs.
Our hearts were about to explode.

Fenkuz has understood that we wanted to go in the shack: he accompanied us there while the others stayed outside on the meadow.
Inside, we wandered a bit.
He said us to leave the sticks on the table and to go in front of the mirror.
“In your hands you will have all the three parts of the stick. When you will be ready, just a moment before to jump, you will let fall the big one on the floor, and you will be sucked in that one we call the gap. It will be like to be inside a spiral. A fast one”.
Our hearts were going crazy. We have would could do the jump in that moment. We had the sticks. We were ready, and we were very tempted. But we didn’t wanted that craziness: our guys wouldn’t be ready.

We looked at around and we came out, each with its stick in own hand.
When the night came we were still outside with all our guys. We remained to see the moon rising up to the sky.

That day we didn’t see no one of the Morgur, but we had listen to the shrill voice of the Little One who was repeating by heart each lines of his script.

When we got back in the apartment, we had thanked again Fenkuz and the others for the opportunity they had gave us.
We went upstairs and we lay on the bed embraced one in another.
Few later my breathe has become deep: the silence was fallen in Our Parallel World.

After a bit a glimmer came out from the shack, illuminating for a short time the landscape, and a shrill laugh has faded in the silence.”


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