“By now” – ○355○


More we were looking at each other, more inside of us was growing the awareness that we were ready for the jump. We fallen asleep with this thought.

The map of Blue City fallen on the floor from your hand, while my face was still on your chest, and your shirt was there where it had to be, and it was caressing my shoulders.
That night we have met us several time in dreams.
We have walked hand in hand, then we moved away each other, and then come together again.
It seemed we were dancing, and our dance was collecting all our emotions of that moment.
When we were leaving us, we knew that immediately after we would be reunited.
Our hearts were beating hard, and we felt it even when we dreaming.

Our minds were connected in a strong way: in a special way that night.
The jump was close, and unconsciously we got preparing ourselves, even mentally.
If something would went wrong, we would found again, as in that strange dream we did in the earlier days we were in the apartment: the crossroads, a meeting point for our mind, for our souls.
That night we had crossed it many times, and when we were awaken, it seemed we had forget it, instead it was it was a crucial point of our lives.

When we looked at each other, we smiled each other, and we kissed. When you dived your eyes into mine, you have sighed: “We are ready…” and I have nodded blushing.

You have collected the map from the floor and together we had stared it for long time in silence.
“It’s time…” When you have pronounce that words, I had a shiver, and you have noticed it, and you have took my hand, and you have tightened it in your and you have added: “The Little One with the Leaner One, will make them the next jump. And then we will do it us…” Saying this, you have looked at me profoundly. Then we had stare outside of the window, where we could see the shack.

Now, for real, we were awaiting for to do the jump, and that one it was awaiting for us, we would have discover soon.”



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