The wind has

luke02catturaforteBrought me from far your embrace and i had started to feel it from i woke me up. And your arms still wrapping me sweetly. If i close the eyes i can see you here close to me that you staring me and i’m breathless. Our minds get connect, and you have something to say me. I feel it. I feel our connection is starting in the most overwhelming way, and i cant hold back my emotions. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and i can feel you, you’re calling my name. Your voice is piercing my soul, and everything around me is disappearing, becoming something of carboard.
You in Our Parallel World is stretching your hands.
Slowly you are taking me there.
We are travelling trought our minds, our souls, trought our connection.
Our hearts are beating at unison.
Despite our real distance, we are so close eachother, and not even you are realizing of that, just your heart and your soul are doing it.
Everything has started two years ago and it is continuing and it is growing always more in our minds but above all in our hearts, and we are dancing this emotion dance, making going crazy everything around us.


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