“After that” – ○350○


The Big One looked at you profoundly, and you got back the same gaze to him, he said: “Ok, but you have to know something very important about the jump” and at this point The Big One has left the place to Fenkuz who seemed almost scared to take that place, behind the big table, that has always been of The Big One.

“Since you have shared the very first gaze with Daria in that bar, the real world, and this world were clashed several time, till it was created this gap: your world has grown up thank your emotions, your feelings, and this it’s been wonderful.
You have created one of the most beautiful world ever created, but as we have fast understood, the real world had, also bad things, one above all….” and here we have said at unison almost in a whisper, tightening our hands: “The Nothing…”.

Fenkuz, and the others nodded and he, moreover added: “You have defeated The Nothing in this world, but it still does exists in Blue City….” he left suspended these last words. Our hearts started to bet fast.
“Till now we don’t have meet any signs of it in Blue City, but we know it does exist…”.
One of the Markùts has pull out a single sheet of a newspaper in which it was written: “A black force is surrounding in the alleys of North West of the city….” and the article continued warning the people to don’t cross that specific area, and the inhabitants of that specified zone has been moved to another one.

Now we had understood why some alleys on the map on the wall, were marked as TO AVOID.
Our hands were tightening strong, and our glance met.

A moment after something bigger than us, has wrapped everybody in the hut and we only us knew what it was: our love, and has been like a sea wave that has crossed all Our Parallel World.

At end we looked at each other taking a deep breath, putting our hands still tight on the table, we have looked all our guys, but above all Fenkuz and The Big One and:”We are ready…” you have said looking for my nod.

Our hearts were going literally crazy.”



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“By now” – ○351○ ⇒

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