“We remained” – ○349○


To listen what The Big One had to say: we settled in the only chair in the hut.
You have put me on your legs, and you have enveloped me in your embrace.

He was giving instructions to The Little One, and the Leaner One, that we had remember in the Blue City, to be the mom with his child. The Big One gave them two papers where it was written where they had to go and what they had to bring in our world.

When The Big One has given the paper to The Little One, he seemed proud of this, and when he has left pass The Leaner One, he smiled to us, and we silently we had shared our happy glances.
It seemed a very important thing for him, and from what we had heard, for him, it was only the second jump he was about to do.

When he had the paper in his paws, he ran out and he went in his own hut to study his script and each instructions.

The Big One had wait for that he had left the hut, and he said to The Leaner One: “Please pay attention to him.. he’s still little, and this is his just second one jump… I know to be strict with him, but it’s because I care of him…he’s damn smart, but he’s even sly”.
Listening to these words, we looked at each other, and we tightened us our hands: in his own way The Big One, had moved us.

From now on, we have understood certain things we hadn’t understand yet.

“The Big One has taken The Little One under his protection, when The Nothing has taken his parents”. Kapi whispered us, without be noticed, and with our big surprise we had understood each shades, each words he had said.

Our hearts jumped in the throat, and some tears has roll my face, but right after, I’ve dried them.
Fortunately the others didn’t noticing us: they were discussing other details for their next jump.
The Big One, and the others were talking about who would be have done the next jump and it would have been made by the Markùts, but from the dark corner where we were, you have said: “We want to do it” and everybody turned toward us, astonished.

While you helping me to got up from your knees, you have repeated it: “We want to do the jump…” taking my hands, and together, we directed toward the big table, and we had take a look at the map of Blue City, looking at the others a little scared, but we had to just looking at the Big One: he looked at us, for a long moment, then he only nodded.

Under the table our hands were tight one in another, and now they were tightnening each other still more.”


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