“The Little One” – ○348○


Knocked at the apartment.
Nobody never did before: you have open the door, and The Little One had stared you without say nothing.
Behind him there was Fenkuz who was looking at him with a strict eyes, The Little One knew had disobey to the only rule of the whole world: “Never knock the door when it’s closed”, but he seemed he didn’t care: he had something important to say us, and it was something that The Big One wanted to let know us immediately.

The Little One gave a glimpse inside: he saw me, he smiled me and I’ve invited him to enter, but this time he declined.
You was kneeled in front of him, and you was about to ask him something, but he had anticipated you and almost anxious, he said just: “N.I.P…. N.I .P…”, and he took your hands.
He wanted brought you at the Morgur Village immediately, he was forgetting me.
You got up, and you left his little colourful paws to enter in the apartment and help me to got up.

You wanted involving me from the very begin, therefore, even in this part.
Our hearts were beating as crazies.
For a moment we remained still, in front one another, and in a whisper you said me: “I love you much… come”.
Delicately, you have took my hand, and we have followed The Little One.

We had notice the Fenkuz gaze toward The Little One.
I had smiled him sweetly: Fenkuz looked at me, and he got back in to his bush, murmuring something, but then he followed us.

At few meters from the tree, it was open itself the gate of the Morgur Village, and this time we entered from the principal entrance.
We had crossed the hut of the Leaner One and in front of us the main hut of the village.

The big door was open, and behind the big table in the middle there was The Big One standing with his paws on the map of  Blue City.
Around the table there were standing, our guys who were listening to The Big One who was giving some little instructions to everybody.

The only one who was resting himself on a big and sturdy wood stick, was Kapi, next to the round heavy dark cast iron stove.
Entering in the hut, we were feeling intruders, but right immediately The Big One showed us the map and the new markings, the new alleys in which we would could be enter and exit without problems.

While The Big One showed us everything, we had shared each other some quick gazes: everybody were saying their own opinion, how it was right it were.

At a certain point you have took my hand, and sweetly you have accompanied me next to the table: you have put yourself behind me. You wanted show me better the streets, the avenues, the alleys, and shyly you have indicated me the from where we would have done the jump, looking at all our guys, and everybody nodded smiling.

Right after, you have tight me against your chest and you have wrapped me in your sweet embrace, and in a ear, you have whisper: “Soon we will be there”.

For a second, I closed the eyes and i relived when we were in the Burn Valley and you have show me the Blue City in our fantasy.”


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