“Not even” – ○347○


We realised the we fallen asleep. While the moon was high in the sky, our breathes themselves sang us a sweet lullaby.
Unconsciously I had a flap of your shirt amongst my fingers, and my warm breath caressing your bare chest and your arms were embracing me.

It was the usual photo: we needed of our touches, to feel our breathes.
I had need of you, and you had need of me.

Slowly, the sun light was arriving, and we were about to opening our eyes.
There was ever no a day that we didn’t smiled each other: the fact that we would be wake up always together it was the most beautiful thing that we have would could think.

I have put my hands on your chest, and slowly I have lean even my head: my face was toward you, and you was opening eyes.

Sweetly I have whisper: “Good morning my wizard…”, and I caressed delicately your face and I approached me to you, and I leaned my lips on your, while my fingers were sliding in the shirt, while little moans were surrounding us: they were your.

You was wakening in one of the most sweet way possible, while I was looking at you, I was biting my lips.
Slowly, I put myself above you, while sweetly you tightened my hips between your hands, and delicately you have started moving me, and sweetly your moans had have company.

That morning we had make love so sweetly, and slowly, that we had thought has been lost us in another dimension.
Our moves were delicate: I left myself be guided by your hands on my hips.
We smiled each other profoundly, and just second before to exploded inside me you have touched my breast: I followed you right after.
Our moans were merged one in another.
While the contractions were fading, we were still in ecstasy, sharing just a sweet gaze.

A voice outside seemed calling us.
We had have listening to it, in silence, while I was still above you and you still inside of me and we were surrounded by those wonderful sensations: they were more magical than usual.

In your glance was about to born a little glimmer. when slowly you came out from me while you leaned me on the bed.
A last tiny moan got out: you touched my face and you have kissed me.
I would liked that moment had no end, but the voice outside had called us again.

We had recognized it: It was The Little One, he seemed excited more than usual.
You got up yourself from the bed and then you kneeled in front of me, looking at me, and in whisper you have said: “Maybe they have…” and your excitement has grown up till your heart was going mad – “…maybe they have develop their N.I.P”.
I was looking at you always more in love.

I stretched my arms toward you, and you have brought me downstairs.”


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