It’s like

reading24forteA story they told me million times, since when i was child and now even you are telling me it too. I shaking my head and more i think about it more i think there is something that is bonding us.
Even today when i was woke up, i have feel your arms wrapped me sweetly my belly and i have touched them delicately, and in that little touch, despite our distance, we are touched ourselves.
Our bond is amongst these feelings that get stronger and stronger each days is passing by, and even without realizing it is so.
In these moment i feeling your arms still embracing me so sweetly.
Here where eveything has started. I can feel you eyes on me, and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard. Our perfumes are mixing and you are taking me in our parallel world. You and me in our peaceful place where our minds get connect so fast and our hearts are beating at unison. And your embrace protect me.




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