“We looked at


Eachother and i still had my hands on your chest. Softly you have kissed my forehead and in a whisper you have said ‘Let’s go up’. Silently i have took your hand and when we were next to the stairs i have putted myself on the first stairs and you have turned me round, and there we remained to stare eachother still one more time.
Even that night we had forget to eat.
All around us was so silky and delicate, even
the air seemed wrapping us in it velvety embrace.  Sweetly you have took me in your arms and we went upstairs. You have lay me on the bed and i’ve waited for you, smiling you. Smiling me back, you had inviting me to throwing me on your chest. Thing that i’ve done without any effort. I was hearing your heart and it was beating hard as mine but mine beating slower.
You had a shirt, and slowly i have started to unbottened it delicately till your i was able to caress you bare chest.
Our eyes were looking at the moon up in the sky, while its rays were entering in the room, illuminating it with its pale light.
‘I’ve trained myself in these days while you was sleeping and i woke up earlier…’  You knew, that was this the question in my mind but i wasnt able to ask it.
My heart has started to beat faster than your and at the end i lifted my face toward you, and in your eyes there were still a last magical glimmer and it was bright. I have caressed your face and you have kissed my palm and you have left me arrive to your tiny neo. There, our glances stopped and it seemed that all Our Parallel World itself stopped.
From there a new magic it would being born.”


⇐“For a moment

“Not even ⇒

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