“For a moment”- ○345○


After that the guys has left us, we looked at each other and everything became more bright, and right after you have said me: “Let’s go in”.
We got back in the apartment.

Now we had to wait that the Morgur started to plan their N.I.P, and we would see the Blue City from its inside.
We settled on the couch.

Slowly the Blue City was becoming a real thing: more we thought about it, more our emotions were growing fast.
We were literally excited to visit it: unconsciously we knew that there we have would found something, but we didn’t know what, at this idea our minds we were going crazy.

That night you wanted to organize something special for celebrate the jump in the Blue City.
You was spinning around the apartment excited like a child: you knew what was doing. I was looking at you, but at a certain point I have said: “Come to me” I have took your hands.
We looked at each other and silently we had heard our hearts beating at unison.
“This is special… our hearts… you… me …. here, and together, and where you will brought me, it will more special than anything else extemporaneous you want to do now”.

You have looked at me and you have whisper: “How much you are beautiful”, and for a long time we remained in silence to staring each other, and delicately we have touching.

In that sweet twirl, slowly you got yourself up, and you have took my hands and gently you have accompanied me in front of the door.
You have opened it and: “I want to show you something”.
You putted yourself behind me and you have indicated the sky.

That night it was full of stars and the moon was brighter than usual.
You have wrapped me in your arms.
“You gave me the sky and tonight I’ve filled it of stars…. For now it’s what I can do…”
I leaked of breathe.
I remained to stare the sky, without making me much questions: it was useless.
I tightened your arms around my belly.

I wanted to feel you closer to me as never I’ve done before.
You knew with this tiny magic you would have surprised me, and you did it!

At end the sky has got back normal, and slowly you have turn me round: our glances met, you tight my hips, and I placed my hands on your chest: I could see the magic fading in your eyes, and everything this has been fantastic.
The only thing what I could did has been only to sigh, and whisper: “I love you much”. And slowly, you have approached your face to mine, and our eyes were diving in our souls.”


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