cattura14_fondigranaThe magical bubble faded and we came out, as if nothing was happened.
From the Morgur Village, that one who has noticed us was been the Little One, and he has run toward us and he jumping happy around us. We looked at eachother and without said nothing,  we had shared a rapid gaze between us. We had ask to Little One to call The Big One and the Leaner One.
In short time we were arounded by the Morgur and from far from Fenkuz Pyr and the Markùts were listening. While Kapi was flying above us.
You have said them that we had visited the village and we had take a gaze to the Blue City map in the hut.
In the beginning the eyes of Big One were strict but then he said us ‘When we were returned back from our works, i have feel something in the hut…’ The Little One clarified his shrill voice and he launched a strange glance at him. ‘..mmmmhmm.. . In reality he was him to noticed that strange atmosphere’ and slowly The Little One came to us and he placed himself in the middle of us as if he wanted say us ‘You have didnt nothing wrong’. I caressed him and his fur became more colorful and soft.
‘Guys…’ It was so that you have started to calling them from a while and i’ve found it so cool. And our guys, i believe, they did adore it too.
‘I will repeat you what i’ve said to Fenkuz few days ago. Since i met Daria, my life has changed in better. She has brought me in this world. She gave me all the love i needed. We met you and you’re the most fantastic friends we could have. You provide us all necessities without we noticing. Without you we wouldnt know how to do. We will be always grateful you. You are helpful in everything. You’re cool guys, but now i want show to my princess the Blue City… Could you help me?’
There was a moment of silence. Everybody looked at eachother.  At the end that one who made himself ahead, has been the Big One with the surprise of everybody, included us.
‘For us’ – he indicated the three Morgur – ‘ it will be a great honour help you, to plan each details. We will show you everything’ and he approached himself to you and he stretched his paw and he has holded your hand and he shaked it, as a good business man when he conclude
 a good deal.
I’ve seen the whole scene and my heart jumped in the throat.
Our guys were really special guys.
We looked at eachother, while the Big One saying to the others Morgur to go at the Village to begin this ‘N. I. P’ …. We had take a rapid glance to Fenkuz and he said us, rolling his eyes up to the sky ‘New Important Project’. We smiled eachother while we were looking the Morgur were going back at the Village. “


⇐“You was still kneeled

“For a moment ⇒

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