“You was still kneeled” – ○343○


In front of me who I was sit on that little wood chair. Our eyes didnt take off one from another, and if we didn’t would came out from that hut, I didn’t know what it would be happened.
You have understand it, and you helped to stand me up, and while we were about to exit, we turned ourselves for to look at everything this, and go away… returning from where we were arrived.

I asked you to stop us in front of the lake: my heart was still going crazy.
I had to breathe, but also, I needed of you, especially you.

We were arrived at the lake, and the opal rock was there: you as a knight who helps her princess, have helped me to sit on it, and you was so gentle in your gesture that without realized that, you left me without air to swallow.

We hadn’t to need to wait a schedule day to make the jump: ff we had wanted it, we have could do it, even in that instant, and you was also available to do it, but you have looked at in my eyes, and you have understood that, maybe what you was looking at was the right thing, and you have said me, taking my hand, looking at the lake: “You have right, maybe we should must wait for some days.” And saying that, you have embraced me tight, and I’ve turned my face toward you and you have sweetly smiled me then, without thinking about it, you have delicately kissed me.

My head was starting to spin, and the only thing I really needed was you. Again.
I looked at you, and slowly around us, it has rise our magic bubble.
All in a sudden we disappeared, and sweetly we kneeled one in front another.

I have placed my hands on your chest, and delicately I have slide your shirt on your shoulders, and you have closed the eyes for a second. Your long breathe excited me, and unconsciously, I’ve tilted my head, and you lips have kissed my neck, and sweetly you have leaned me on the meadow while you was lifting up my soft white dress and you have began to look for something between my legs, looking at me intensely, looking for each little shades of my glance, waiting for my moans that were not long in coming

The sound of the little waves of the lake covered my moans that slowly were becoming more frequents after you have penetrated me.
Our eyes didn’t take off one from another.

Each push of you was a moan of mine, and inside of the magic bubble all our emotions were amplified and when we were about to reach the peak of our pleasure, the magic bubble seemed about to explode.

We remained in silence embrace one in another, and we were looking around us.
None of the furry animals didn’t have noticed us not even didn’t hear us moaning.

We remained inside of our magic bubble like this.
We have tenderly smiled each other.”



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