You still embrace

reading0005_scuriMe and your words are wrapping me all around. Our minds get connect and despite we are so far, it’s incredible how we feel close.
If our emotions could themselves touch.
Your sensations are mine too.
Today when i opened the eyes i could feel your sweet arms wrapping my belly and i heard your voice give me the most sweet of  the  ‘Good morning’ and i’ve smiled touching your hand on me and for a second i have could feel them, and  for a second i seen your sweet eyes and i could touched your sweet face.
Now i hold back my emotions. You’re here next to me. I feel you’re waiting for what i’m writing in my open diary. Here, where my emotions can fly freely and you can catch them. I can whisper just one phrase. ‘You fill my heart of a emotion never felt before in my life.’ And this is not the simply love. It’s something that goes beyond it.
You are filling my life of something really magic.
You, are magic.



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