“Since when

lukecatturaforteWe moved ourselves in Our Parallel World, we didnt never visited the Morgur Village. We didnt know why. It seemed to violate the central heart of  our world.  Each time we had to go to the Burn Valley or simply we wanted walk, we have go across the Morgur Village beyond the little fence, but we never entered it.
It was beyond the tree in front of the appartment and just few meters beyond the lake. The fence  had a big opening in front of our big meadow that arounding everything. But  we didnt how, the Morgur Village hadnt no meadow inside. The ground around of it seemed sand mixed with topsoil, and when the sun was high in the sky, when we were lookng at in its direction there were always warmth waves.
The Morgur Village was formed by just three huts, of which one most bigger than others, placed in the middle. These huts were well builded. They were made of little wood sticks and their roofs made of dark sorghum and their doors were of a good solid wood, and despite their inhabitants were little furry animals, their measures were made on human scale.
Besides the three huts, the Morgur Village, had well water just in front of the biggest hut, placed next to the fence and other tools that could seemed leather weavers.
The other little huts seemed belong to the Little One and to the Leaner One.  We had supposed that the biggest belonged to the Big One.
The hut of the Little One was placed next to the fence and close to the well water and it had the leather weavers. But when we approached ourselves to the entrance of the village we had noticed that each of  little huts had its leather weavers.
We had try to call the inhabitants of the village, but in that moment, seemed that were out in another place of our world to fix something. There was always to fix something.
Shyly we entered in the big hut.
The door was open and what which it was presenting itself in front of us, was a bare place with the essentials things, but what was impressed us was the big table in the middle of the hut with a map on it.  It was the Blue City Map. Hanging on two walls of the hut there were other smaller maps. They were the alley maps, from where our friends could make the jump without be noticed. Some alleys were marked in red and others in black. From what we had understood the alleys in red were those from where they had crossed and that in black were those to avoid.
I throwed myself on a wood chair, breathless, next a round heavy dark cast iron stove, that had something on the fire. While you, was stand in front of the big table, with the hands leaned on the map, with your eyes that were studying it carefully and occassionally you took a gaze to the alleys map on the wall.
With a big deep breathe you have lifted the eyes and you looked at me.
Slowly you have came to me and you kneeled in front of me, taking my hands and you have whispered ‘There is everything we have to know…’ We looked at eachother. We smiled eachother. We had took a big deep breathe and our hearts were going crazy. “


⇐“Our perfumes

“You was still kneeled ⇒

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