Here you are

maydaycon10_fondigranaIn my stomach, in my mind in my heart and your arms are wrapping me in a sweet way and our souls get connecting eachother, with that soft punch that we only are feeling, is bonding us always more.
And in those words i felt something more of you.
Your embrace is something more intimate. Your arms are wrapping me and your sweet breathe it’s the right pathway to take me in Our Parallel World, where our hearts are beating at the same time and our minds are get connecting in a perfect tuning.
Despite all the distance, i can feel your embrace is tightnening me, and you make turn me, like in a dance and at the end our glances meet eachother and sweetly our lips kiss eachother. Our breathe are merging one in another and slowly we taking the flight and gently we are leaving this world that it doesnt belong us anymore.



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