“Our perfumes” – ○341○


Were still merging one in another, and you was looking at me as you did always when you had a question in your head but you wasn’t able to ask it.

We settled ourselves one in front another.
You have looked at me seriously, and I only nodded, and in a whisper I said: “Yes”. Your face illuminated: you started to touching me, as if you don’t wanted believe what you just had heard.
You was about to accomplish your very first little magic.
“Really… My princess…?”
I was looking at you with all my sweetness: our hearts were beating so hard that we had thought that they could splash out from our chest, and we were breathless.

You kneeled in front of me, and you sighed: “You will not regret” taking my face in your hands and then, as if we wanted shook from that atmosphere of suspension, you was got up and you have stretched me your hands, and delicately you have took me, and you brought me downstairs.

We hadn’t eat from a day: sincerely, we didn’t care, but our conscious forced us to throw down something. When we have finished to eat the pizza, we didn’t have noticed how much hungry we had.
You was continuing to smile me, and I didn’t stopped to feel me embarrassed.
I could feel your mind was elaborating everything in each particular, while you was looking at me in silence.

Your eyes were brightening, and the three parts of the little stick were, even them, on the little table, where we were eating, and occasionally we stared them, summarizing everything we would have done, one time in the shack in front of the crooked mirror.

The big open space was full of floating words: we could perceiving them surrounding us.
You was looking at me smiling me as one of the first time in the bar.
I had recognized that flow of when you were in company of your friends, and you made everything to don’t make you noticing from them, when you was turning yourself toward me, and you shyly smiling me. It was the exact sensation in those seconds… minutes in which we had shared that glance: the same eletrcity, the same magic.
And in everything this, not even a word.

Just one phrase has came out from you: “We should go to the Morgur’s Village”.


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“Since when” ○342○ ⇒

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