It was from days

vanguardmare.moltiplicaThat i didnt feel your sweet embrace. You slided in my bed and sweetly you have embraced me and even now i feel your arms wrapping me from behind. My vise in stomach get stronger and stronger. Our connection, our sensations are merging one in another. If i think of you in these moments i cant hold back my tears.
I feel your closeness so strong. I must do a deep breathe to dont going crazy.
I feel our souls are uniting eachother.
I feel your hands wrapping my belly and i can feel your breathe and my heart is beating harder than ever.
It happens when less you never expected it. Our connection it’s strong when even happens after days that it missing and it overwhelm everything inside of us.
Each time is happen it’s like the very first time that  happened. I hold the breathe and i throwing it out. Someone could think everything is a crazyness, but i dont care.
Our Parallel World is here and it is waiting for us.
I know our hearts are beating and they are doing it at unison and that’s our magical connection. My tears are about to fall. It was from days that our connection didnt hit me as a soft punch in the stomach.
I feel you’re close to me, and i’m sure you’re feeling it too.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
You feel it, and maybe you can see it.
This our connection, a soft punch in our stomach at the same time.


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