“You have looked” – ○340○


At me silently: slowly you made me slide on the bed, and I left you do it.
Our eyes were like two magnets that didn’t wanted break away one from another.
The only thing that made us sure that we weren’t fruit of imagination, was your hand on my belly that slowly caressing my body.

Our hearts were merging one in another, and we hadn’t no need of further words, or other promises.
Delicately, you have put yourself above me, and you have caressing my face, you have lean yourself on the mattress, while sweetly, your lips were leaning on my mouth.
That kiss made us take flight, and all my fears definitely has gone.

I could see Blue City in your eyes and your big desire to visit it with me at your side.
We looked at each other for long time, like this: the words were useless, and they wouldn’t been capable to explain what we were feeling in that moment.
Moreover, our perfumes were merging one in another, and slowly, this combination it was creating an atmosphere still more intimate, and our glances didn’t wanted break away one from another: my hand was holding your face.

For a moment you have looked at me, and right after, sweetly but firm, you have penetrated me, making me moaning, making me close the eyes for a second: when I’ve opened them again, you have started delicately to move yourself always more faster. Our desire has growing up always more.

We looked at each other astonish when we were feeling that we were about to reaching the orgasm: an instants earlier our hearts stopped, and right after they had pumped blood, and we were going crazy.
Me with the arms lifted over my head, and you held them in your hands.
For an instant, you have looked at me: right after, you have whispered “I love you much” I sighed, and I kissed you sweetly.


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