“Slowly hand in hand


We were going toward the Burn Valley. You took me and you have could feel my thoughts, my wish, my fears, my love for you. In my minds there was a lot of confusion. A lot of conflicting feeling. We walked in silence. I felt your eyes on me. And my heart was beating strong. Your heart wanted reached mine, but mine was faster. 
We had go across the Morgur village and we were about to reached the Opal.
You stopped  and you put yourself in front of me. I looked at you and you have took my face
In a sigh i’ve whisper ‘I have a little fear… but i want to…’
With your gentle glance you made me turn the face toward the Opal. That magic big oval door, where inside were our greatest emotions, feelings, we had feeling till that day.
Sweetly you putted yourself behind me and kindly you have wrapped me and with your sensual and deep voice, you have said ‘Maybe with that jump this Opal will filled with the most greatest emotion that we will feel. And i want to give you something that you never will forget, something…’ I turned myself and i looked at you. My heart was beating fast and finally your heart was reaching mine.
Maybe in front of the Opal, unconsciously, you have made the most sweet promise of love. I stared you and in that moment our faces approached one another. Our eyes were diving one in another.
Now our hearts beating at unison, and it seemed that we didnt wanted break away. Our emotions were there, around us. A whisper ‘I want give you what you never had in your life.’ And then your lips softly leaned on mine.
In that kiss it was like you was giving me your whole life. I was feeling lost. Lost in your soul. But more i was feeling lost, more i was conviced of what we were about to do.
In your eyes, i was looking at another world that you were ready to give me.
In silence i took your hand and i’ve brought it to my chest, you have did the same sweetly with mine. At the same time we holded back the breathe and we have throwed it out.
Our glances were full of words, but none of us were been able to pronounce them. Those words were filling our souls and were strangling us from inside.
After a long moment of intenses glances and something that was swallowing us, i have whispered ‘Take me away from here…’
There, in front of the Opal there were too many emotions around us and i couldnt manage them all in one time. Our emotions.
Sweetly you took me in your arms you have brought me in the Burn Valley.
There, we would been calm. We settled ourselves on the top of one the hill in front of the big montain and above landscape, once of a burnt red.
Sweetly i took your hand and right after you have looked at me.
I have leaned my head on your shoulder and in a whisper ‘I want to do it…’
You have tighted more my hand.
Our hearts were beating fast and at unison.
We remained in silence for all the time we were remained there.”


⇐“After a moment

“You still tighted ⇒

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