“After a moment

easy30fondigranaOf embarassement Fenkuz asked ‘Could you brought me the little stick?’ And you nodded and you got up and you came in the appartment and you have took it, now in two parts. While you came back and you was about to give it to Fenkuz, it broke in the third part.
You remained speechless. You remained to stared it petrified. You didnt have does nothing for break it. Our hearts were like two pneumatic hammers, and they didnt wanted to stop.
‘It had missing this last step.’ Fenkuz said.
We still looked at eachother, speechless.
‘Now you can do the jump in the gap…’ – ‘Between the two worlds’ i asked, with a trembling voice, holding tight the hands that wrapped me. Fenkuz just nodded.
Now, for magic, even the Markùts, the Morgur, with the Little one in first line, and Kapi, were around us.
Slowly we have noticed them.
What which Fenkuz was going to say us concerned even them.
He started to explain everything. Now we were attracted by what he was going to say us.
He holded in his paw the little stick, now broken in three parts.
‘When you will decide to do the jump in the gap…. one really thing is very important to rembember…This part of the little stick’ and he showed us the most longer, ‘… this part, it will bring you back home…. You must leave it in the shack on the ground, just earlier to do the jump. You always keep in the pocket the broken part. I saw the part of Luke, the thin. The other is your Daria.’ I just nodded while Fenkuz gave us our little part of the stick.
‘Your little sticks are the link with this world. They are very important.’ he said us.
He approached himself to us, taking in his paw our sticks and he showed us something of real magical. When he united them was came out a little spark and the longer part illuminated itself.
‘When you will decide to jump you will have the whole protection of Algiz and Thurizaz and your crystals will put around you a shield.’ Now our heart were going literally crazy. We looked at around, while the other furry friends were staring us, now with their wide eye open.
In the air there was a mix of exciment and fear at the same time.
We looked at eachother.
In a whisper i have asked you ‘Are we ready to do it?’
‘Is this that you want?’ you asked. I’ve hold back the breathe then i’ve throwed it out.
I just looked at you and my eyes got wet.
Now we had every tools we needed, but my heart, my thoughts, my soul were staring the only one person of which i really needed. You.
You who was in front of me and looking at me with your sweet smile and above all your delicate hands that were holding my face, making me dive in your blue eyes.
Softly i’ve touched your tiny neo, and you have kissed my hand when it passed next your lips.
‘There is no hurry, my princess’
I whispered ‘Let’s walk….’
Slowly we had left our friends who were staring at us.
Fenkuz nodded.”


⇐“You was looking at

“Slowly hand in hand ⇒

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