“After that

luke02catturalineareSweet and delicate caresses on our lips, you have take a glimpse to the big window and you have sighed ‘Let’s go to bed… you’re tired. At the little stick we will think tomorrow.’ We drunk the last sip of juice of fruit, we had left the glasses on the little table and so gently, you have took me in your arms and we went up.
We were a little dazed from what was happened. We were still without air, but when we leaned ourselves on the bed, slowly we were recovering. The lungs were taking new air from the window that was always open.
The pale light was still around us, and almost we hadnt noticed it, but when the little stick broke, it had issued that almost invisible light.
‘Tomorrow we wlil ask to Fenkuz some explanations. Now we close the eyes and look for to rest.’ you have said. I sighed and you have whispered ‘…come…’ and you have enlarged your arms for make me leans me on your chest. Sweetly i putted my head on your chest, while the moonlight was entering in the bedroom illuminating the four walls around us, as if the moon itself wanted assured us that it would be going everything well.
We were still looking at the moon, as if it was telling us a story and her stars were the leading actors.
We didnt realized that slowly we were fallen asleep embraced one another.
While we were sleeping a tiny magic was accomplishing.
The pale light that arounding us was itself mixing with our breathes, and slowly was entering in our lungs. More breathe we were doing, more the pale light was exchanging itself with the normal oxygen. The magic of the little stick was acccomplished and we didnt not even knew.
The only witnesses of this magic were been Fenkuz and Pyr who had seen till the last light becoming always more little till it disappear.”



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